Thursday, September 5, 2013

Logos (and Typography)

While working on ideas for a logo design today it crossed my mind to introduce this as a topic for this site. Though this can get quite involved, it seems it would make sense to first speak of the many different image variations and file types that would be needed for the completed logo (dependent on the different ways that the logo would be used; see Logos and Image File Types).
     Second to this, by way of introduction, would be to speak of how often logo designs are more a matter of typography rather than of those iconic looking illustrative images that may first comes to mind. While taking a break from my work I then noticed, in today's news, articles about YAHOO! launching a new logo. Wow, what better way to make this point by taking a look at what was involved with their logo. It is all about typography! (And for the web version of their logo, the animated explanation point is a nice touch.)

     For those of us with much less globally-recognized names, much more than just one word may be needed as part of a logo's design. In addition to this, consideration may be needed for how the logo will be used with other accompanied text (such as when part of a letterhead, business card, webpage, branding on social sites, advertisements, signage, posters, etc.). It can become a whole package deal consisting of many typesetting and layout considerations. First and foremost though, a logo's main purpose is for helping establish a memorable "identity" for a company or organization. A familiar face; to be recognized in a crowd.

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