Thursday, June 20, 2013


     In time, we hope to provide some useful information on various graphics related topics. Having been involved with working on many print and web publishing projects for various authors and organizations, many interesting challenges occur which often get clouded by the technical nature of what is involved.
     Initially I would like to quickly consider the word "publish" - and to loosely define this as act of "making something available." Limits are not being placed on what this could mean. The content - that which is being "made" - could be anything such as a song, a sentence, a picture, a video, etc. And the means that this is "make available" to others - may vary.
      Often though, for us, projects end up being physical books with various characteristics. For this reason, many of the first topics that we hope to cover will relate to print production and some of the challenges involved with preparing something for publishing. Topics may related to: printing methods (such as offset printing with inks verses digital printing with toners); image characteristics and refinements (too many to list briefly here); prep of text (typesetting as it relates to writing, editing, and proofreading); etc.

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