Though many different topics have been introduced for this blog site, working with images will most likely be the subject of many of our initial posts. Following are a few that have been presented so far; more to come....

Image Types: Vectors & Bitmaps - Basically there are two types of images which are defined in very different ways.

Halftone Grays & Dot Gain - Adjusting of tones for print production with halftones.

Tonal Adjustments & Shadows and Tones: Highlights - Relating to adjusting images for tones.

Elements of Color - An introduction to working with images relating to RGB verses CMYK colors ("additive" verses "subtractive" colors).

Moire Patterns - Such an unusual word (moirĂ©) and one that is the cause of some real problems and challenges for working with images.

Moire Patterns & Scanning - First of many situations were moires can be a problem.

Sharpen Filter - One of the main tools in your paint and photo editing toolbox.

For additional posts relating to images please visit our page on Web Publishing...
For logos as topics, at times this can seem "image" related then again at other times it could be considered more akin to "typography" (Logos and Typography). Either way though, in the end actual image files are needed for the logo design; and the verity of file types needed relates directly to the different ways that the logo is to be used (Logos and Image File Types).

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